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Auto Repairs

Auto Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

Rely on The Car Shop in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for expert auto brake, suspension, and air-conditioning repairs. Voted Best of the Beach three years in a row, we are known throughout the area for quality work and outstanding service.

Brake Service & Repair

Receive a 12-month, 12,000-mile, no-questions-asked warranty on all work we perform in our shop. Replacement services include premium brake pads and rotors to provide you with the best stopping power possible for maximum protection on the road. Bring your car, SUV, or truck by today for your auto repair in Virginia Beach, VA.

Suspension Service & Repair 

Strut, shock, ball joint, and steering repairs and replacements are available to keep your suspension components working properly and your vehicle driving smoothly. If one part of your suspension system goes out, it can affect steering, as well as tire wear.

Keeping your suspension system current can prevent expensive auto repair bills down the road. Struts need to be checked every 50,000 miles. Faulty or worn-out struts can add up to 15% more distance required to stop your vehicle safety. Come in for a free suspension inspection today.

Air-Conditioning Service & Repairs

Bring your car in for our seasonal promotion, where you will receive a free, basic AC system analysis that includes checking Freon levels, AC compressor functions, and system capabilities. Auto AC repairs are on the rise, but basic system maintenance can help prevent outrageously expensive auto repair bills.

Transmission Service & Repairs

Gas prices strain the pocketbook enough as it is. Don't exacerbate the high cost of driving a car by ignoring scheduled maintenance or letting a problem fix itself. Get your transmission diagnostics done at our shop and avoid the pitfalls caused by neglect of basic maintenance.

Air Conditioning Performance in Virginia Beach, VA

Auto Repair in Virginia Beach, VA

Fortunately, when a transmission replacement is necessary, our professional technicians can handle it. Transmission problems are elusive and expensive, and maintenance failures or problems can have serious, negative effects on the value of your vehicle.

Contact our auto repair shop today to schedule an appointment for your service.